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Registration with Royal Commission website is very simple and free. Through registering with RC you will receive updates from Royal Commission. Also you can become a member of Royal Commission.

Registration is done to store the information about the users in to the database so that the user can be contacted whenever needed either through mail or phone.

Important Information!

- If you have more then one Business Type then register more users , one user  can register with one Business Type.


New Member Registration for Company ..

Sign Up for Your Membership to the RCY Supply Management Services Portal ... * is Mandatory fields.

Fill Following Information:

Company Name: (En):*   اسم الشركة: (الإنجليزية): *
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Important: make sure yours Mobile No. is correct, otherwise you will not recived SMS (User Name & Password) in yours Mobile, and you are not able to login in this system.
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PO Box:   صندوق البريد
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  Combine / Merge all certificates in single MS Word or PDF file and upload single file only.

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